Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to keep paintbrush ready for next painting job

A painter painting a room in a houseImage via WikipediaA couple of months ago, our house got renovated. The living room flooring was done. The whole kitchen was done. And the repainting of the whole house was done.

There were some other jobs that were done, and they were done when the main contractor has completed, so a touch-up was necessary. One of these is the painting of newly-installed gas pipings, so they don't look like left undone or obviously newer items.

The old man came, and did the job. We chatted, and he left with us all the remaining can of paints, and one brush - after I told him that there are some other things I am doing that will need a paint retouch. Since he is leaving me a used brush, he told me how to keep it useable and available anytime.

How is that actually?

Very simple. 

Put it in a container filled with water, making sure that the bristles are submerged in the water. A container that is small enough to be kept and hidden from meddling hands, but big enough to hold water for some time. I think a covered container will do. So that will be better off as a container that is still OK, but anytime can be discarded.

Do that, and you won't have to worry about washing your used brushes anymore. Forget about paint washing solutions, or washing away paint with detergent, or kerosene, or whatever you would do to wash paint off from your paint brush and get them clean and ready for the next painting job.

Or course, that means you have to be using your paintbrushes sooner or later, but not too long afterwards. And don't submerge the handles, OK?

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